Quality Assurance

Precision Manufacturing-Quality Assured
Shur-Lok's precision manufacturing facilities provide a high degree of flexibility for satisfying both large and small volume production requirements.


Video CMM speeds inspection
Video CMM speeds inspection and provides high accuracy and reproducibility

From purchasing the latest CNC equipment to building its own secondary operation and assembly machines, Shur-Lok capitalizes on cutting edge manufacturing technology. The company regularly upgrades equipment as it strives to achieve World Class Manufacturing.

Through cellular manufacturing, operators are cross-trained to run most machines in their cell, and they take responsibility for the total production of the part. Many of Shur-Lok's machine operators are trained and certified to inspect their own work.

Extensive quality assurance programs verify the results. Skilled personnel and modern equipment for controlling and testing make certain that the company's fasteners and components adhere to the industry's highest quality standards. Shur-Lok Company's Quality Assurance system is AS9100 Certified. By setting the highest standards for itself, Shur-Lok also has achieved participation in self-release programs initiated by its major customers. Through these programs, designated Shur-Lok employees are authorized to act as the customer's inspectors so finished products can be shipped directly to customer stores and production lines without further examination.

Variable Gauging
Variable gauging used for thread inspection
Simultaneous machining
Simultaneous machining with robotic
loading and unloading
  Multi-spindle crew machine
Multi-spindle screw machine produces
high volume standards