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Fluid Fittings

Now Shur-Lok Company is applying its talents and respected Ring Locked brand name to the design and manufacture of rhydraulic fittings and fluid adaptors. Fittings will not rotate when connecting fluid lines to engine housings, gearboxes, manifolds...etc. Unlike heavier MS fittings that require a lock wire to prevent rotation, fluid fittings are held in place by a serrated lock ring. The fitting and lock ring are supplied as an assembly to simplify installation. Once the fitting assembly is threaded into the port and torqued to provide proper sealing, the lock ring is driven into the standard prebroached port to prevent the fitting from turning. The unique port end configuration results in a lower stand-off that provides for the design of a compact boss. Installation and removal of the "B-nut" is easy because only one wrench is required.

Fluid fittings are designed for applications in fuel or fluid systems of aircraft, helicopter, and engines. Qualified to SAE inch and metric standards, these fittings are certified to operate in systems pressurized to 3,000 PSI, 4,000 PSI, 5,000 PSI or 8,000 PSI, and designed to exceed operating temperatures of -65F to 450F (-48C to 218C).

Fittings are available in titanium and CRES and feature three sealing configurations: dynamic beam (MIL-F-85720/1 and EN2604), flareless (MS33514 and EN2605 or EN2606), and flared (AS4395).

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